Rubber Flooring

Why Your Retail Store Should Be Offering Various Types of Rubber Flooring

Keeping up with supply and demand is essential for flooring retailers.

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Are You Prepared for The Busy Selling Season?

Are you prepared for the next peak shopping day? Landmark Interiors flooring products are a great option to stock.

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customer shopping

Important Questions To Ask a Customer Searching for Flooring

Helping your customers find the perfect flooring for their next project is all about asking the right questions.

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Not Your Grandma’s Laminate

If you’ve been in the flooring business for a while, like we have, you know laminate flooring has had a certain reputation. Decades ago, this flooring performed poorly in damp scenarios and often had a hollow echoing sound when walked on. The visuals were also not as appealing as other floor options.

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Clean Rubber Flooring

How To Clean Rubber Flooring and Stair Treads

You installed rubber flooring and stair treads in your gym, rec center, or daycare center since you needed something resilient that can stand up to heavy use.

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Types of Flooring

What Types of Flooring Should Your Store Be Offering?

As you know, running a successful flooring retail business is all about meeting the demands of your customers. So, what types of flooring should your store be offering to meet those demands?

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Stock Waterproof Flooring

Why Should Your Store Stock Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof flooring has become more popular than ever. Improvements to the look and the style of waterproof flooring have created a surge of popularity among homeowners and businesses looking to renovate. A retailer that stocks waterproof flooring, including Landmark Interiors products, is one that meets demand and grows its business.
Learn a little more about why you should stock waterproof flooring below!

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Main Street Businesses

Main Street Businesses: A Sales Opportunity Waiting for Flooring Retailers

Main streets are the lifeblood of small towns and local communities. When you picture a main street, a certain image likely comes to mind – a street lined with small businesses that are often bustling on weekends and around the holidays. Main street businesses are an important part of local economies and generate a ton of revenue across the United States.

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Coordinating the Trims to the Flooring

The Importance of Coordinating the Trims to the Flooring

When running a business, keeping your customers happy is an important part of the job. As a flooring retailer, this can mean carrying beautiful flooring at a competitive price point, as well as all the other materials your customers will need to complete their project. One way to stand out in your customers’ mind is by offering both flooring and coordinating trims.

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woman in store looking at flooring samples

How to Grow a Loyal Customer Base as a Flooring Retailer

As a flooring retailer, you want to grow your business—and that means gaining loyal customers. Building that loyal group of customers is often about carrying affordable, high-quality products, like our new premium Landmark Interiors line from Fishman Flooring Solutions.

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Couple looking at parquet board for home flooring in store, in home improvement warehouse exterior

Flooring Trends in 2022 Retailers Should Prepare for

This year’s flooring trends feature a wide range of styles that include classic colors, modern designs, and everything in between. Here are some 2022 flooring trends that we here at Fishman Flooring Solutions have identified that retailers should prepare for when restocking the shelves.

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So, how do you decide which products to offer and which providers to partner with? Landmark Interiors has the answers. Explore these helpful resources like blog posts, case studies, and articles from industry thought leaders.

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