As you know, running a successful flooring retail business is all about meeting the demands of your customers. So, what types of flooring should your store be offering to meet those demands?

Landmark Interiors, a premium product line from Fishman Flooring Solutions, offers many popular options for residential and commercial construction projects. Contact us to learn more about stocking these products in your store today!

Consider Your Distributor First

Before you think about which types of flooring to offer, consider your distributor. While you want your customers to have the opportunity to walk through and look at all the available options on floor displays, your store only has so much space for stocking and displaying product.

By partnering with the right distributor, like Fishman Flooring Solutions, you can provide your customers with samples of many different options, without taking up precious floor space or making your shop feel cluttered.

Our floor visualizer is a crucial tool that allows your customers to see the many different styles and colors a line may offer, without needing to stock the entire product line on-site. With a few clicks, customers can visualize how a certain product may look in a particular space once it is installed.

We work closely with our retailers to distribute the full range of premium Landmark Interiors products their customers want in a timely fashion.

Residential Projects: Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank and Laminate

When stocking for residential projects, it’s important to look at current trends among homeowners. Many homeowners prefer easy-to-clean options, like luxury vinyl tile & plank (LVT/LVP) or laminate. These products still offer the timelessness of realistic patterns, textures—like wood and stone—and colors that complement any décor.

Landmark Interiors offers many LVT/LVP and water-resistant laminate lines, including:

  • Ascension Outland, Passage and Traverse LVT/LVP
  • Favored Nation LVT/LVP
  • Hilltop Original, Unlimited, and Essential LVT/LVP
  • Sawgrass water-resistant laminate
  • Tidewater water-resistant laminate

Both water-reistant laminate and LVT/LVP are durable enough to stand up to the everyday life of a busy family. You can even install them in high-traffic areas, like a front entryway, or kitchens and laundry rooms. With scratch-resistant and water-resistant qualities, these products are likely to look like new for years to come.

A Note on Carpet

Carpet has long been a top choice among homeowners, though it may be going a bit out of fashion, with the popularity of LVT/LVP and laminate. Explore our look book to learn more about the many options we can offer you and your customers.

Commercial Projects: Be Prepared

Contractors who work on commercial projects have very specific product needs or questions based on their experience and the space they’re working on. A knowledgeable distributor like Fishman Flooring Solutions—with over a century in the business—can help you provide your customers with the answers and products they need.


Due to its durability and affordability, vinyl flooring has become exceedingly popular in commercial construction projects. Luxury vinyl tile and plank, including the products offered by Landmark Interiors, help your customers complete their projects within budget, while also knowing that their floors are built to last.

You’ll find LVT and LVP floors in heavy and light commercial offices, waiting rooms, government buildings, and more. As you’ll see in our look book, LVT and LVP products are available in a variety of tones as well.

Schools also tend toward using vinyl composition tile (VCT), which offers long-term durability and vibrant color options that stand out, while masking scuffs.

Homogenous vs Heterogenous

Vinyl flooring comes in two different options: homogenous and heterogenous. Homogenous vinyl flooring tends to be the most durable, while the multi-layered composition of heterogenous vinyl floors help reduce sound transmission and absorb shocks.

The right option will depend on the specific project. Hospitals and educational institutions that see a lot of traffic may fare better with homogenous vinyl flooring. Office buildings and other light commercial spaces will benefit most from heterogenous vinyl flooring.

Recycled Rubber

Designing a workout space comes with plenty of considerations—especially when you’re choosing the floor. Gym floors need to be able to withstand heavy traffic and even heavier machinery and weights. Landmark Interiors’ Sports Today and Sports Easy recycled rubber floors are well-suited to areas, like:

  • Locker rooms
  • Gyms and sports facilities
  • Restrooms
  • Laundromats
  • Cafeterias

As you can see, these versatile flooring options expand well beyond gyms. Plus, they come in sheet or tile styles that can give each project a unique appearance. With sheet styles, your project benefits from more water resistance, while vinyl styles are easier to repair and replace over time.

Hardwood MDFs

Of course, once your customers choose their flooring products, they’ll need to consider installation. Hardwood medium-density fiberboard (MDF) provides an affordable underlayment option for LVT/LVP and Laminate. The high density of MDF compared to particle board makes this product especially durable and resistant to wear. It also provides a layer of soundproofing.

One important consideration for your customers, however, is how much moisture the area may experience. Hardwood MDFs can withstand humidity more than natural hardwood, meaning it’s less likely to swell in the summer. However, it also absorbs moisture easily, so it’s best used in areas that are less likely to experience spills. It should also not be used in entryways, where rainwater can be tracked into the home.

Offer Your Customers the Flooring They Want

Meeting the demand of your customers is all about what you can supply. By offering these types of flooring in your store and partnering with a good distributor, like Fishman Flooring Solutions, you’ll be ready to provide what your customers want.

To stock premium Landmark Interiors products in your store, contact the team at Fishman Flooring Solutions and become a dealer today!

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