Waterproof flooring has become more popular than ever. Improvements to the look and the style of waterproof flooring have created a surge of popularity among homeowners and businesses looking to renovate. A retailer that stocks waterproof flooring, including Landmark Interiors products, is one that meets demand and grows its business.

Learn a little more about why you should stock waterproof flooring below!

Waterproof Flooring Is Popular

As we mentioned, waterproof flooring has experienced a bit of a popularity spike. Having this product in stock or working with a partner, like Fishman Flooring Solutions, that distributes Landmark Interiors waterproof flooring allows you to meet this demand.

Happy customers lead to word-of-mouth marketing and repeat business. You can grow your business, while providing what your customer needs.

What Makes Waterproof Flooring Popular With Homeowners and Businesses?

Waterproof flooring is popular among homeowners and businesses for several reasons, from aesthetic to practical. Here are some great benefits you can present to customers in your store as they browse through your showroom and ask questions.

It’s Waterproof

Perhaps the most obvious reason is that waterproof flooring is waterproof! Moisture is often damaging to various types of flooring, so selecting flooring that resists moisture makes it a more economical choice.

Waterproof flooring won’t warp or expand the way other floorings might when exposed to moisture for long periods of time. This means the flooring lasts longer, even in a high-moisture area, such as a bathroom or a laundry room. An overflowing toilet or bathtub is a hassle but no longer a threat to your floor, eliminating some cleanup stress.

It’s Easy to Clean

Waterproof flooring is simple to clean and maintain. Spills can be easily wiped up, as the waterproofing on the flooring repels moisture. The spill won’t soak into the flooring like it might with carpet or hardwood. Since the spill won’t soak in, the flooring will not warp or be damaged.

Routine cleaning is a quick and easy process, with waterproof flooring. Vacuuming or mopping is a simple way to keep the floor clean. When cleaning flooring goes quickly, businesses don’t have to worry about spending a lot for their floors to look great and homeowners can enjoy more time with their families.

Information on the best way to clean waterproof flooring will be included in the owner’s manual that comes with the flooring, so your customers will know the best way to approach cleaning their floors.

It’s Durable

In addition to moisture-repelling properties, waterproof flooring is durable. It won’t deteriorate as quickly as hardwood or another type of flooring that is more vulnerable to moisture.

Landmark Interiors waterproof flooring products are also prepared to stand up to high foot traffic. They can hold up to employees bustling around a lobby during the day or the excitement of pets and kids when they return home from school. Longer-lasting flooring is a bonus for flooring retailers, contractors, businesses, and homeowners alike.

It Looks Great

Flooring should look great in a home or a business. Landmark Interiors waterproof flooring products offer beautiful options, from classic wood patterns to a stone-like look. Options that feature these realistic looks include Landmark Interiors’ Ascension Traverse and Hilltop Unlimited.  

Beautiful flooring looks like it belongs there. The flooring complements the room, while neutral patterns and colors also allow homeowners and business owners to decorate as they please.

Swatches and our lookbook can help contractors and homeowners check out Landmark Interiors products and choose the option that best meets their needs.

Carry Landmark Interiors Waterproof Flooring Products in Your Store Today

Landmark Interiors flooring products can help your business grow and meet your customers’ needs with on-trend designs, realistic wood patterns, and waterproof qualities. Our flooring visualizer allows you to show your customers flooring in a virtual environment to see how it will fit into their homes or businesses.

Contact Fishman Flooring Solutions to partner with us and offer Landmark Interiors waterproof flooring today.

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