Keeping up with supply and demand is essential for flooring retailers. This involves following both industry trends and understanding what customers are looking for. Rubber flooring is a versatile option that’s become highly sought after by fitness enthusiasts, homeowners, and more. In this blog, Landmark Interiors explores why you should be offering various types of rubber flooring to your customers.

Whether the customers are planning on adding rubber flooring to their home gym, mud room, or a professional fitness studio, this versatile flooring offers a variety of benefits. Some of the highlights of rubber flooring include:

For starters, practically every type of rubber flooring provides some degree of shock absorption, which reduces the impact on joints and prevents injuries during high-impact exercises and weight-lifting. 

Additionally, rubber flooring helps prevent slipping thanks to its ability to provide traction and stability. On top of that, it’s also moisture resistant. This helps it stand up to spills and sweat.

An added benefit to rubber flooring’s resilience is that it’s also exceptionally easy to clean. With just a quick wipe, it can be as clean and dry just as fast as hardwood flooring or vinyl. This makes it a convenient choice for both fitness studious and spaces that are likely to get muddy and dirty from foot traffic.

It’s always a good idea to give the customer options. Rubber flooring is no exception. Whether you’re operating out of a small town or a major city, your inventory should cater to a diverse customer base.

One of the biggest reasons for this is that every customer has their own unique criteria. From home gym enthusiasts to professional gyms, offering a range of rubber flooring options allows you to offer something for every individual’s needs and preferences.

Plus, different types of rubber flooring are suitable for different workouts. Providing multiple options allows customers to choose flooring that aligns with their specific workout routines.

So, what are the different types of rubber flooring? Landmark Interiors offers a diverse selection of rubber flooring options, such as:

A rubber flooring roll is easy to install and offers a seamless appearance that’s continuous throughout the space. Our Sports Today collection is a comfortable option that’s perfect for larger spaces like gyms, kennels, and hallways. Additionally, Endurance Sport is a stylish collection that’s a good choice for fitness and yoga studios.

With interlocking rubber tiles, you’re getting a supportive surface that’s securely fastened together and easily customizable. The Sports Easy collection is a smart choice for home gyms and can be tailored to suit any size space.

Similarly, square rubber tiles can be laid down in just about any size space. They’re also available in various sizes. For example, Sports Strength is a thick rubber flooring that has enhanced impact absorption, while Sports Today, which is also available in tiles, is thinner but offers great sound dampening.

If you’re interested in learning more about rubber flooring or want to become a Landmark Interiors dealer, contact us. With our extensive experience and durable flooring options, we’ll help you fill your inventory with different types of rubber flooring. 

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