Check out some of the real results from clients just like you who transformed their home, office, and business spaces with our premium flooring options!

There were no challenges. This went perfect. Our Landmark Interiors representative recommended this product, and it saved us a ton of time and money, especially since there was no adhesive involved. This was also a last-minute change and they had it in stock.

Customer needed a new pet-friendly / durable flooring. I am a displaying dealer for Hilltop and thought this would be a good fit for the customer’s home. After a selection was made, the material was in stock with a quick turnaround.

Mulberry Lane was looking for the perfect visual to offset their variety of furniture and home accessories. The Silver Oak is a beautiful floor with a trendy and modern look. I feel the flooring makes the furniture look even better to our customers. The product was the perfect fit for my space!

Ascension is and always will be my go-to glue-down LVP. It is mostly always in stock. My installers love working with this product and my customers are always happy with the outcome.

I love working with Ascension. This is always a good LVT to install. It looks good and is easy to take care of.

The price was good and the color was what the customer was looking for.

Great product to withstand the heavy equipment including bench and squat racks for a high school gym.

This was done for the Visual. The homeowner like the selection and color.

They were able to find a match to the existing flooring. They also directed us on the best way to go about installing the running track into the already existing rubber that covered most of the floor. Lastly, they did a great job as usual with product knowledge and service all the way down to the delivery.

I have used them in other projects where sports flooring is the preferred product. I recommended this company to the membership as the most economical, best performing, and best looking product to meet the requirements of a flooring for an exercise room.

This company has always provided quality products and very good service. I’ve always trusted them on their recommendations for adhesives, floor prep, and now their floor coverings.

The dental practice was looking for a durable floor with great color and character, while also staying within a budget. They delivered great products from the underlayment to the adhesive and floor covering. My customer could not be happier!

We have used the Ascension and Hilltop products in the past and have had great success with them. Material is generally stocked in Charlotte which is a huge advantage for convenience and saving us on freight. Mac Richmond is very responsive and knowledgeable when we had questions, making it a pleasure to do business with him.

This is not our first floor from this company. We like the floors and the service.

They provided the perfect product for this application. Restaurant owner wanted something easy to clean and flexible to install. Ascension LVP made a beautiful design statement and form fit function to make the end user’s budget.