Luxury vinyl tile has been around for some time. As manufacturing has improved, it has become more durable, stylish, and affordable over time, making it a popular option for office buildings and other light commercial uses. The next time you’re contracted to renovate an office, or add to a new construction, consider luxury vinyl tile (LVT) from Landmark Interiors.

LVT Is Durable and Low-Maintenance

Office buildings can be busy places. With LVT, your clients will have a floor that’s built to withstand years of heavy foot traffic, rolling chairs, and coffee spills.

In addition to its water resistance, stain resistance, and scratch resistance, luxury vinyl tile flooring is noise dampening. If someone is walking around the second floor of an office building, employees on the first floor are less likely to hear that as well as other office distractions. 

Part of what makes LVT so resistant to all these office challenges is its protective wear layer. This layer guards the LVT from daily wear and tear for many years. Landmark Interiors LVT products offer wear layers up to 22 mm, so your clients can get quite a lot of use out of the product.

Learn more about durability in our Look Book.

Commercial Warranties Provide Peace of Mind for You and Your Client

Peace of mind is priceless to your clients. Even though LVT is known for its durability, your clients want to know they’re protected, should anything occur. When you use Landmark Interiors luxury vinyl tile products, like the Ascension Traverse collection, your clients will have a commercial warranty of up to 20 years! Most of the Hilltop LVT collection products come with a commercial warranty of 15 years.

Why You Need a Commercial Warranty

Commercial warranties offer an array of protections, so the flooring you installed performs as it should. Common commercial warranties are:

  • Structural warranties
  • Finish warranties

Structural warranties provide protection against performance defects. Finish warranties assure that the finish on the flooring will hold up to standard usage, including scuffs from high heels, rainwater dripping off umbrellas, and rolling chairs.

As the manufacturer of Landmark Interiors LVT, Fishman Flooring Solutions can answer any questions you have about our warranties. We’ve also included additional information about each warranty in the owner’s manual of each type of LVT flooring.

LVT Offers Versatility in Style and Design

Luxury vinyl tile comes in many colors and styles. LVT can copy realistic wood patterns as well as stone, so your clients can find something that works for their business’s aesthetic. With the help of the right LVT, you’ll be able to deliver on-trend, long-lasting flooring that’s also budget friendly.

Use our floor visualizer to help your clients see how their flooring options will look in their renovated or newly built space. You can upload a photo of the current space for an accurate visual. This will allow you to confidently deliver on the aesthetic your clients want.

To help you complete the look for your next office project, many Landmark Interiors LVT products, like the Hilltop Unlimited line, have matching trims and stair nosing. These create a cohesive, professional look throughout the office or retail space and help the flooring flow from one room to the next.

Complete Your Next Job With Landmark interiors LVT

When you’re preparing for your next contracting project, Fishman Flooring Solutions is here to help you deliver beautiful flooring options that will work in your clients’ office buildings. We can help you select the best luxury vinyl tile, deliver it, and assist with any other flooring solutions you need. Contact us to learn more about Landmark Interiors’ luxury vinyl products today!

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