At Fishman Flooring Solutions, we know how important it is to use high-quality commercial flooring products on every job. You’ll also want to ensure your investment in quality is protected through a commercial warranty.

The truth is that there are a lot of different warranties out there. Knowing what commercial flooring warranties should cover can help you select the products you’ll use on your next build.

Discover more about what you should look for in commercial flooring warranties here.

What Do Commercial Flooring Warranties Typically Cover?

Manufacturing defects happen on rare occasions. Having warranty coverage can protect you in the event that something beyond your control happens at the manufacturing level.

commercial flooring warranty


Structural warranties go hand-in-hand with manufacturing warranties. In order for a floor to perform correctly, the pieces must fit together and maintain their strength. Structural warranties also include assurance on their products’ grade, moisture content, and integrity.


A finish warranty might depend on the type of flooring you select. These types of warranties essentially say that the finish on the flooring will hold up under standard usage for that type. Finish warranties typically don’t include man-made imperfections.


Depending on your flooring type, there might be a moisture warranty. This warranty often refers to damage caused by spills or moisture beneath the floor, not the actual flooring itself. You may also want to consider moisture-resistant products, like premium LVT/LVP flooring from Landmark Interiors.

Flooring Usage

Flooring usage is an important factor to consider. Is the area going to have high traffic, like a commercial building, or will the space be used by smaller groups, like a corporate office? Keep in mind what kind of protection you’ll need when selecting products and considering the warranties they offer.

Floor Installation

Maintaining a Warranty

Maintaining a warranty starts with installation. When you receive flooring to install, inspect all boxes and materials for potential damage. Installing damaged flooring may invalidate a warranty.

If you discover any defects, take photos and contact the supplier immediately to file a warranty claim. Don’t try to fix the damage yourself. Our warranties ensure you get the materials you need to complete the project on time.

Should you need additional assistance, our team is available to take your call and ensure you get the products you need to meet your deadline and budget.

Use Warranty-Compliant Products

When installing flooring, use the correct tools, underlayment, and adhesives. Using non-manufacturer specified tools can void the warranty and lead to potential defects in the flooring installation.

Learn More About Our Warranties on Commercial Flooring

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