It’s important to choose a flooring solution that works to benefit everyday business conditions. As a contractor, you know all too well how many flooring options customers can choose from—but what type of flooring is best suited for an office space?

Landmark Interiors offers premium flooring options that contractors like you can offer to clients who want to build or renovate an office. Here are our top suggestions.

Before beginning work on your client’s project, you must first consider the office space’s primary function. For example, an executive office will likely differ from what’s needed in an open space floor plan. Here, you may want to employ a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment that conveys a sense of luxury without heavy foot traffic concerns.

Additionally, consider the location of the office and even how many employees are in and out each day. If the renovated office space is out of the way or only intended for smaller groups of people, like the leadership team, you can choose from more options that might be beneficial for its limited foot traffic. Similarly, if the office space is open to the public, like the reception desk, different flooring options should be considered to reduce wear and tear.

Either way, Landmark Interiors recommends luxury vinyl tile (LVT) for executive offices, small office spaces, and heavy foot-traffic spaces. This flooring option is versatile and aesthetically pleasing with its wide range of patterns, textures, and colors that mimic wood and stone. Plus, with its protective layer that reduces the potential for scratches, stains, and dents, it can handle anything a busy workday might throw at it.

Office spaces should use flooring that offers form and function. As a contractor, you likely prioritize thinking outside of the box to provide projects that offer flexibility for the right spaces. While LVT may be better suited for private offices or small businesses, some spaces may do best with rubber flooring.

Rubber is resilient—especially commercial-grade specialty tiles. These tiles fit everywhere from retail places to fitness facilities, and everything in between. Let customers know rubber tiles are oil- and grease-resistant, which may appeal to certain industries, like the main office of a mechanic’s shop.

Rubber flooring is versatile in appearance, too. Inform your clients of the different types of rubber flooring, from square edge tiles, to sheets, to interlocking tiles. Ultimately, their business should have flooring that reflects their brand identity to set the right tone for the office environment.

The right flooring option is just the beginning for office spaces. Just as LVT’s protective layer can protect against everyday scuff marks and damage, proper installation can prevent future issues from arising that could be costly for a customer’s everyday business.

Office spaces differ from residential spaces for several reasons—with floating floors being the key difference. You should emphasize this to your clients ahead of installation, as floating floors are likely to attract bend or break with large chairs or heavy equipment on top of them. This is particularly harmful in spaces like exam rooms in a medical space where heavy equipment is prominent.

While floating floors might seem like a quicker and easier option, they lack the stability needed for commercial environments. Instead, you should recommend customers install flooring using glue. This is the industry standard for offices of any size because glue works to reduce the potential for buckling under pressure. Plus, it’s easy to install: Just adhere the flooring directly to a level subfloor with a strong adhesive. This creates a permanent, secure bond that your customers will appreciate.

Your clients rely on you to complete their office flooring needs—so give them something they’ll love seeing when they clock into work every day. By providing every client with the right type of flooring you recommend for an office space, you can guide them in the right direction. Contact Landmark Interiors to start recommending high-quality products to your customers today!

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