Laminate flooring is a multi-layered flooring that’s known for its durability. The design offers a realistic pattern of wood, stone, or tile.

It’s an increasingly popular option for those who want a practical and affordable choice that still offers plenty of styles to complement their home décor.

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Easy Installation

When performing a home renovation, you can do it yourself or hire a contractor. Either way, consider ease of installation when choosing your floors.

Most modern laminate flooring uses floating or angle-tap lock installation methods, making for a simple installation process.

View our Look Book for recommended installation methods.

Scratch-Resistant Durability

Laminate flooring is popular for its durability. It has scratch-resistant layers that keep your floors looking like new much longer than other flooring options, like natural hardwood.

It can stand up to heavy traffic in your home’s foyer, as well as your dog’s nails while playing fetch.  

Water-Resistant Properties

Water-resistant qualities prevent excess liquid from seeping into the floor, which can cause water damage, like mold. Fortunately, Landmark Interiors’ laminate flooring products are water-resistant.

They feature AC4 wear layer protection and a hydrophobic coating that repels water. This moisture and wear resistance can stand up to commercial traffic, so it’s easy to manage drips and spills.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Since laminate is water- and stain-resistant, it’s easy to clean up, too! Just grab a paper towel or rag to wipe up spills when they happen—even red wine spills during your weekly book club.  

Laminate flooring is also easy to maintain, even with a busy schedule. On average, sweeping or vacuuming once a week will keep the floors clean. Check your manufacturer’s instructions for further cleaning information.

Natural Hardwood and Stone Patterning

Modern technology allows manufacturers to create laminate flooring, with higher-definition imaging and patterns, deeper embossing for a more realistic feel, better seaming, and better ecological sourcing.

In other words, it looks like real natural hardwood or stone, while being much more resilient.

You can also select realistic colors that best fit your home’s décor. Landmark Interiors’ laminate flooring products look like real wood.

Just use our Floor Visualizer tool on our website to catch a glimpse of what our water-resistant laminate products will look like in your home.

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If laminate flooring sounds like a good fit for your home, you can explore all your options at a Landmark Interiors retailer near you.

Flooring experts can work with you to find the laminate flooring option that works for your home. Use our Floor Visualizer to see for yourself, today!

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