As a contractor, you have plenty to juggle during a flooring installation. You want to use high-quality flooring that’s on-trend and helps you finish the job on time.

Fishman Flooring Solutions, a distributor of Landmark Interiors products, knows how important it is to have flooring with multiple installation options so that you can adjust your methods depending on time, staff, and budget. Once you have that, you can decide which installation method is best for your project. We’ve covered some factors all contractors should consider below.

Time and Budget

Two of the most important factors when choosing flooring products and an installation method are time and budget. Choosing the right installation method and flooring products can help you complete the project on time, on budget, and maybe help you get another project down the road.

Employee Training

Different installation methods require various employee training and manpower. Choosing a method your team is already familiar with saves time—you don’t need to spend time training them.

Landmark Interiors’ products offer multiple installation methods for many flooring products. This flexibility gives you the ability to choose the option that’s best for your crew. For example, if you’re laying down some engineered hardwood, you’ll have the choice of installing it by:

  • Glue
  • Float
  • Staple

Our Landmark Interiors Lookbook details what installation methods work with our flooring products.

When you select our Hilltop Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring, you’ll have the option of floating or glue-down installation methods. If you need rubber flooring for your next project, our Sports Today and Sports Easy flooring gives you installation options like double-face tape-down, glue-down, and interlocking.

What Will the Space Be Used For?

What the space will be used for often determines what flooring option is best for that project. If you’re laying a floor in a laundry room, Landmark Interiors’ Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tile is an excellent choice because it does well in wet spaces.

Is the room you’re working on large? Glue-down engineered hardwood provides the durability you might need. This method also prevents any lifting or roll-up in high-traffic areas.

Floating plank flooring for engineered hardwood or Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tile works well in smaller spaces. The floating installation also works well for buildings affected by weather and humidity—as it may shrink or expand.

Rubber flooring works well if you’re installing flooring in a daycare center, gym, or playroom. It’s stain-resistant, durable, and comes in either roll or tile form. A recycled rubber roll comes in one piece, allowing you to roll it out and fit it to the room’s perimeter.

How Often Will the Flooring Be Changed?

The right installation method for your project may also depend on how often the flooring needs to be changed over.

If you’re installing flooring in an apartment, it might need to be changed every couple of years in between tenants. Glue-down and floating vinyl are excellent options for this scenario. You can pull these pieces up more easily and even conduct repairs if your project doesn’t require replacing the entire floor.

Delve Into Landmark Interiors Products

When you’re gearing up for your next project, Fishman Flooring Solutions can help with our Landmark Interiors flooring products. Almost all Landmark Interiors flooring products offer multiple installation methods, so you can select which best fits your next project.

Contact Fishman Flooring Solutions to learn more about our Landmark Interiors flooring products today.

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