Best Flooring for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen sees a lot of action. Whether that’s from daily meal prepping, kids trotting in and out for snacks, or dogs hoping for a few extra treats, kitchens are so often the focal points of our homes. When choosing the best flooring for your kitchen, you need something that can handle it all.

Premium Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank (LVT/LVP) by Landmark Interiors checks all those boxes at a competitive price. LVT/LVP combine style, durability, and easy maintenance for a flooring product that performs well in any kitchen. Contact your local flooring retailer to learn more.

What Is Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank?

LVT/LVP is a layered flooring that offers different patterns and colors while providing durability for high-traffic areas of your home. The protective wear layer that comes with Landmark Interiors LVT/LVP helps prevent scratches, stains, and even dents, making it a great option for kitchens.

Many LVT/LVP floors mimic wood flooring, too, so you can enjoy that higher-end style in addition to function.

Versatility and Style: Both Part of LVT/LVP

When you’re shopping for flooring that complements your home, you’ll want to choose something that reflects your personal style. Neutrals from the Favored Nation collection provide a modern look while allowing you to brighten the room with décor.

If you enjoy a rustic feel to your kitchen, opt for warm wood designs from the Hilltop LVT collection.

For a beautiful stone look that brings a sense of calm and neutrality to your home, consider the Ascension Traverse LVT.

Use our floor visualizer to get a look at how Landmark Interiors LVT may look in your home.

Durability, Durability, Durability

Children, spills, and pets are just some of what your kitchen floor has to contend with daily. LVT/LVP can stand up to the wear and tear of a busy household. How?

LVT is resistant to denting and scratching. Landmark Interiors LVT/LVP is built to stand up to large dogs, like a Bernese Mountain dog, for approximately two years without scratching! To learn more about flooring that’s best for dogs, check out this article!

A dropped glass or bowl may throw a hitch in your dinner plans, but not your floor.

LVT/LVP is often moisture-proof as well. When spills happen, cleaning them up promptly is important, but you can rest assured that your spill will not warp your flooring.

LVT Is Easy to Maintain

When shopping for flooring, an important factor is maintenance. How much time do you want to spend cleaning your floors?

LVT/LVP is easy to clean on a routine basis and as spills occur. It’s also durable in the face of staining. If you stumble upon a sticky, dried stain, you can clean it up swiftly, and your floor will look as good as new. Often, just a damp cloth will get the job done.

To find out how to clean your LVT best, check your manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank

Craft Your Ideal Kitchen From the Floor Up

A truly great kitchen starts with the flooring you choose. With LVT/LVP, you have many high-quality, durable options that bring your kitchen to life. If you’re interested in exploring Landmark Interiors LVT and Plank flooring products, contact your local flooring retailer today.

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