When you’re designing a space, the little details matter—all the way down to which direction you lay the floors. As you know, something as simple as a 180-degree turn can make a board look completely different.

If you have customers who want to lay their own flooring, the team at Fishman Flooring Solutions can help provide installation tips to help you make recommendations to your clients.

Here are some of our recommendations for how to lay Landmark Interiors flooring like an expert. Contact us to learn more!  

Start by Checking the Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions

Before beginning any installation, encourage your customers to check the manufacturer’s instructions.

There are many different ways to install floors. Some products have specific methods for installation, while others are a bit more flexible.

The glue-down installation method allows you to lay down floors in any pattern. The result can be a design you and your contractor create together. Through your flooring, you can bring the vision of your home to life.

Some Landmark Interiors products that have a glue-down installation method include:

  • Hilltop Essential LVP
  • City of Oaks engineered hardwood
  • Ascension Passage LVP

Another installation method, click installation, has much less flexibility in terms of installation direction. Flooring that uses click installation must click together properly, like puzzle pieces.

The manufacturer’s installation instructions can help ensure the products are installed correctly and explain how much flexibility you have when laying the flooring.

Create a Pattern to Guide Your Flooring Installation

In many ways, preplanning is just as important as actually laying the floors. When choosing floors with your customers, consider how you want the room to look and feel.

Our Floor Visualizer tool can help you see how certain products will look in any room, depending on how you lay them.

Make a Room Look Wider

If you’re designing a narrow foyer or other hallway, consider light-colored boards and lay them horizontally. This’ll widen the room to avoid that cramped feeling.

This is a great tip for small bathrooms. When considering bathroom flooring, water and wear resistance is key. The wear resistance of luxury vinyl plank (LVP) products, like Favored Nation, keep this well-used area of the home looking like new much longer.

Make a Room Look Longer

Laying planks vertically can add a sense of depth to shorter rooms. Visually expand the size of a kitchen or bathroom, with water-resistant luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring, like Ascension Traverse. This flooring can also stand up to spills and splashes.

Fade-resistant qualities additionally keep your floors from aging in the sun, so go ahead and open the blinds to let the sunshine in!

Make a Room Look Bigger

For the living room or family room, laying planks diagonally can really help open up the space and make it appear bigger.

To lay planks diagonally, you may need a flexible installation method, such as glue-down installation. The Hilltop collection from Landmark Interiors offers glue-down installation and is also antimicrobial and kid safe. This makes it a great option for any room where families gather most often.

Consult With a Contractor

Getting creative with how you lay floors is one of the simplest ways to spruce up any room.

Many flooring products are much more versatile than you may expect. Consult with a contractor before assuming you can’t do something—you may be surprised.

Recommend Landmark Interiors Products to Your Customers, Today

Landmark Interiors products can be laid to show off the focal points of your client’s home, make a space feel bigger, and create patterns for another personal touch.

Contact Landmark Interiors to learn more about recommending which direction to lay flooring!

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