Vinyl plank flooring is durable yet fragile. It requires care and attention during installation to ensure it’s as long lasting as possible. However, with the development of stronger and better wear layers over time, vinyl plank flooring has become one of the most durable options available.

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What Are the Durable Qualities of Vinyl Plank?

More homeowners are turning to LVP over other options, in large part due to its durability. Durable flooring can withstand wear, pressure, and damage. You may also hear vinyl flooring referred to as “resilient” flooring. This means that it’s well equipped to handle the demands of the busy modern household, without sacrificing style.

Let’s discuss some of the qualities that make LVP so durable.

Thick Wear Layer

The wear layer on vinyl flooring is one of the most important aspects of its durability. LVP flooring is made of several layers, with the wear layer on the top. The wear layer is typically made of PVC or vinyl and acts as protection for the flooring. In fact, it’s the reason for all the resilient qualities we’ll mention below.

For maximum durability, you should choose LVP with a wear layer between 12 mil-20 mil. This is a wear layer between 12/1000 of an inch and 20/1000 of an inch. Landmark Interiors products like the Ascension LVP line overachieve here with a wear layer thickness of 22 mil, making this flooring product incredibly durable.

Scratch Resistance

Nothing is scratchproof; however, some types of flooring are more resistant to this kind of damage than others. Favored Nation from Landmark Interiors has a protective wear layer that’s wear resistant and much less susceptible to scratches than engineered or natural hardwood. The scratch- and wear-resistant qualities of LVP make it ideal for homes with children in walkers or dogs with long nails.

Stain Resistance

Have you ever spilled a cup of coffee or tracked in dirt from outside? With carpeting, this could easily lead to a stain that’s expensive or impossible to remove. Many Landmark Interiors LVP products, like Ascension Outland, are stain resistant, so these messes are simple to clean up with a cloth.

Moisture Resistance

The laundry room, the kitchen, the bathroom, and many other areas in your home are prone to wet floors. While natural hardwood or carpet tend to absorb moisture, which can cause warping or molding over time, LVP’s protective wear layer repels water so that it’s less likely to seep into the flooring.

Fade Resistance

Opening the curtains to welcome the sunshine on a bright morning is one of the simple pleasures of life. However, too much sunlight can cause natural hardwood floors to fade over time. The Ascension Passage and the Ascension Traverse collections from Landmark Interiors solve that problem. These LVP lines are both fade resistant, so they’re likely to look like-new for longer—even with prolonged exposure to sunlight streaming through your living room window.

How To Improve LVP Durability

LVP has many benefits that make it a long-lasting option for the modern home. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this kind of flooring can still be very fragile and needs to be installed properly. After all, a home is only as strong as its foundation.

Consider the Substrate

The joists, the subfloor, and the underlayment are especially important for maintaining the integrity and the durability of LVP. There are three layers that sit under the finished floor. The bottom layer is the joists, the subfloor is the middle layer, and the underlayment is the first layer directly below the finished floor. Each layer serves a different function in maintaining the integrity and the look of the finished product.

During installation, your contractor will assess and adjust the substrate, if necessary, to ensure the floor is level. If the current substrate isn’t structurally adequate for the type of flooring being installed, they will need to address the issue accordingly. The manufacturer’s instructions will identify the proper substrate options.

Leave Room for Thermal Expansion

Where the floor meets the baseboard of your home’s walls, installers should honor the expansion joints and leave some gapping so that there’s room for thermal expansion. This prevents the LVP from getting trapped between the quarter round or shoe moulding, especially in warm or humid climates, like Florida or Texas.

Choose Vinyl Plank for a Resilient Flooring Option

Vinyl plank flooring is incredibly durable, which is why it’s a top choice among today’s homeowners. If you want to install LVP in your home, locate and contact your nearest Landmark Interiors dealer to get started today!

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