When you’re prepping for your next flooring project, you need to be prepared for any issues that might come up. Fishman Flooring Solutions, the distributor of premium flooring products from Landmark Interiors, has decades of experience working with contractors who are on the job.

We’ve seen first-hand some of the common installation issues that can come up when installing engineered hardwood. Contact us to find out how we can help you complete your next job on time and in budget!

1. Unexpected Plank Sizes or Dye Lots

As you and your team begin a project and unbox the engineered hardwood you ordered, there’s a small chance that the plank sizes won’t be exactly what you expected. It’s also possible that there are pieces from a dye lot that don’t work with the rest of the engineered hardwood you have on site.

Through warranties and open communication with a flooring distributor, you can get engineered hardwood flooring at the proper plank length and trade-in planks with dye lot issues.

When you work with Landmark Interiors products, you get the experience of Fishman Flooring Solutions, too. We consider our contractors partners, and we work closely with you to ensure you have all the materials you need to satisfy your clients’ requests.

2. Traveling Sounds

We’ve all been in spaces where we can hear someone walking above or below us. Sounds that carry throughout a space can lead to irritation and unsatisfied clients. It’s a risk with any engineered hardwood installation, but it’s a problem that can be solved during installation.

When you’re ready to install engineered hardwood flooring, simply place a sound barrier below the flooring. This barrier will act as a dampening compound and disperse sound energy while people walk on the floors. Common sound-dampening barrier materials include:

  • Fiber
  • Foam
  • Cork
  • Shredded rubber mat

When adding a sound-dampening barrier, keep in mind that you may need to switch to a floating or interconnecting installation method. If you work with Landmark Interiors engineered hardwood, our team can fill you in on the details as well as provide a wide range of installation products like adhesives and sub-floor prep products.

3. Wood Splinters

When you install engineered hardwood, you may notice the occasional split or splinter. Splinters cause a risk to your crew and clients. We always strive to ensure our premium Landmark Interiors engineered hardwood products are the highest quality possible. However, should a wood split occur, there are two methods that can take care of it.

Cover the floor with resin

One method is to cover the floor with resin. Apply to the whole floor or just to the issue area. Let dry for 12 hours or more.

Sand it down

For splinters at the surface of the engineered hardwood, sanding is an effective solution. To fix the flooring, sand down a little to smooth the wood and remove the splinter.

Once you’ve completed whichever method you choose, be sure the engineered hardwood passes the sock test. You should be able to wear socks on the floor and not feel snags as you walk or slide.

Tackle Common Installation Problems With Landmark Interiors Products

One of the best ways to tackle common installation issues, no matter what they are, is to have a good relationship with your flooring distributor. Fishman Flooring Solutions is here to help you get the Landmark Interiors products you need to complete your next job. If you have questions about how we can help you and our warranties, contact our team today!

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