When you’re embarking on your next home improvement project, you may be wondering if you should buy your floors from a big box retailer. You know the ones: The national outlets that offer everything you could need for your home improvement projects in one convenient place. How could a specialty flooring retailer compete with the best of the big box competitors?

For one, you’re not likely to find Landmark Interiors’ premium flooring products at a big box store since we tend to work closely with local retailers. Let’s explore more of the ways that local retailers not only hold their ground, but also provide better value overall.

Go Local for Better Selection

There’s a perception that big box stores have a wider selection of flooring. On the surface, it makes sense: After all, they have more space and the national resources to maintain a vast inventory.

However, the business models of big box stores tend to reward carrying flooring that will sell in mass quantities. In other words, they may literally have more flooring available, but that doesn’t mean more variety—just more volume. You won’t have as many uniquely tailored options.

At your local flooring store, flooring is their bread and butter. For that reason alone, they’re incentivized to carry the widest possible selection of floors, in all the latest styles and colors as well as timeless classics. Not only that, but your local retailer is more in-tune with the unique wants and needs of your local population, unlike big box stores, which focus more on nation-wide trends.

Yes, the big box store may be bigger, but your local retailer may have more of the options you want. 

Shopping Local Means More Personal Service

When you’re shopping for flooring for your home, it helps to have an expert on hand who can help you choose the best look and material for any space.

At a big box retailer, you’re often dealing with a lightly trained clerk at a store that also sells paint, power tools, dishwashers, and myriad other products. A specialty flooring company will have the knowledgeable consultants you need who are experts on all things flooring.

They’ll help you choose the best material, taking into consideration the climate as well as the function of a particular space in your home. These specialists have years of experience in flooring selection and design, so you can trust that their recommendations are tailored to you.

Plus, Landmark Interiors has a relationship with all the retailers we partner with, ensuring they stock the highest-quality, most in-demand premium flooring products for the best value to homeowners like you.

Specialty Flooring Usually Makes More Sense

For lasting quality, variety, a simple installation process, and a greater pool of expertise from start to finish, it often makes more sense to go with a specialty flooring company for your home renovations.

If you’re looking for premier engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl tile or plank, or sports flooring for your indoor space, we have on-trend and in-demand designs that will leave an impression. Find high-quality Landmark Interiors products at your local flooring retailer today!

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