With so many different flooring options for gyms, medical facilities, and schools, it’s important to know when you should recommend rubber flooring over something else. Our team is here to help. Contractors using Landmark Interiors flooring have access to all the experience that comes with the professionals at Fishman Flooring Solutions when making recommendations to customers. We’ll go through some of the use cases for rubber floors here.  

Your Customer Wants Slip Resistance

Athletic environments, like workout facilities and school gyms, need to consider safety when choosing what kind of flooring to install.

With heavy machinery, like treadmills, and post-shower wet spots on the floor, your customers should install flooring with good slip resistance.

Rubber has a high coefficient of friction relative to other types of flooring, which means that users are less likely to slip. This is true when dry or wet, making these floors an excellent option for perimeters around the gym or hotel pool, as well as pool changing rooms.

Your Customer Needs a Floor That’s Easy on the Joints

While solid flooring, like natural hardwood, can put a strain on your knees and hips, rubber flooring has a lot of give, so it’s gentler on sensitive joints.

It’s also softer and provides greater cushion against falls, which makes it a good choice for daycares, senior living facilities, or any business that caters to individuals who need extra cushion/support. We also recommend rubber flooring for running tracks to help protect athletes from joint injury.  

Your Customer Wants Acoustic Dampening

Quality rubber flooring can increase the overall acoustic value of a room by reducing noise. Since rubber flooring is so soft, sound waves don’t reverberate off of it as easily as other kinds of floors. It can also prevent people on floors below from hearing anything happening above them, making it a good choice for music rooms or recording studios. It’s also a natural noise dampener and is ideal for use in open areas with many sounds that may echo—like a gym.

Your Customer Wants to Customize the Look

Rubber flooring is easy to customize to match the look your customer wants. Sports Easy and Sports Today recycled rubber floors come in solid black as well as colorful options, like:

  • Dove Gray
  • Java Latte
  • Iron Works
  • Blue Bird
  • Egg Shell

These color options allow your customer to add a bit of flair or even work branding into their design. Rubber is a flexible material that your customer can mold to their liking to match a specific color scheme or fit in uniquely shaped spaces.     

Longevity and Upkeep Are Paramount

If your customer wants a durable floor that’s simple to maintain, rubber is the way to go. It’s resistant to indentation, so it stands up well in areas with heavy foot traffic or rolling furniture, like at a hospital.

It resists dirt, as well, and is easy to clean with a broom or damp—not wet—mop at the end of the day. Rubber flooring is truly a long-term investment.

Other Considerations When Recommending Rubber Flooring

Rubber floors can fit in many different spaces, though they have some limitations. For example, they shouldn’t be exposed to oil or grease, including animal fat. So, kitchens and automotive service bays aren’t the best places to utilize this kind of flooring.

You should also consider whether to recommend prime or recycled rubber. Recycled rubber flooring is made from recycled tires, urethane, and prime chips, while prime rubber flooring is made from fresh materials.

We recommend utilizing recycled rubber flooring if you want the building to be LEED-certified and maximize sustainability.

Recommend Rubber Flooring to Your Customers Today

Rubber flooring has earned its place as a versatile and practical option for many industries, including education, healthcare, and fitness.

When recommending flooring solutions, remember the unique benefits that rubber flooring brings to the table, ensuring your customers receive a solution tailored to their needs.

For more insights and guidance on flooring choices that align with your customers’ branding and requirements, trust the expertise of Landmark Interiors. Contact us today!

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