When running a business, keeping your customers happy is an important part of the job. As a flooring retailer, this can mean carrying beautiful flooring at a competitive price point, as well as all the other materials your customers will need to complete their project. One way to stand out in your customers’ mind is by offering both flooring and coordinating trims.

Landmark Interiors, a brand from Fishman Flooring Solutions, is a line of premium flooring products that deliver on-trend flooring as well as coordinating trims that you can offer your customers.

Create a One-Stop Shop for Your Customers

Beauty and convenience can go hand in hand when customers shop for flooring—in fact, many probably prefer it. Why stop at two places when they can get everything they need at one flooring retailer? By offering coordinating trims, your retailer can be that retailer.

Fishman Flooring Solutions, which has over 100 years in the business, offers Landmark Interiors flooring products and more, like:

  • Coordinating trims
  • Adhesives
  • SureStep stair treads

We build a partnership with our retailers, so you can turn to our team when you are in need of product recommendations by product type or installation type. We want to help you make the most of your flooring business.

Our Landmark Interiors lookbook highlights the flooring and trims we have available. Once you train your employees on the different products, as well as which trims coordinate best with each one, you’ll be able to offer your customers personal recommendations based on their specific project. Plus, your Fishman Flooring Solutions representative is only a phone call away if you need assistance.

Offer Materials That Create a Beautiful, Coordinated Home

Every part of a home allows the owner to express themselves, including what’s beneath their feet. By providing trims that coordinate to your inventory of flooring, you help customers complete the look they’re after.

Trims don’t have to just finish off one room. There are transition trims, reducers, and stair nosing, which help flooring change throughout the house or flow up the stairs. Consider the Hilltop Luxury Vinyl Plank for a warm feel and wood-like patterns. It has a coordinating stair nose trim as well.

Coordinating Flooring and Trims Is Practical

While coordinating flooring and trim can help make a home look nice, it also has a few practical applications.

For example, quarter-round molding covers seams and expansion spaces where flooring like engineered hardwood or luxury vinyl tile or plank meets a wall or cabinets.

If you offer flooring for commercial spaces, the trim they choose can help your customers stay compliant with laws like the Americans with Disabilities act. Fishman Flooring Solutions offers LVT no-lip ramps as a transition from LVT to another flooring surface while making it accessible for wheelchair users.

Explore Our Flooring and Trim Options

Whether your customers are interested in luxury vinyl tile or plank, or engineered hardwood, they can find coordinating trims in the Landmark Interiors’ line of flooring products. Contact Fishman Flooring Solutions, the team behind the Landmark Interiors brand, to learn more about our flooring and trim options and order them for your business today!

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