Is the flooring in your home due for a refresh? One way to elevate your home’s decor is by replacing carpeting for modern flooring options, like engineered hardwood or luxury vinyl tile or plank.

The Landmark Interiors line of flooring products can help you create a comfortable and stylish home without carpet. Let’s explore some of the advantages of replacing carpet for more modern alternatives here!

Other Flooring Options Are Easier To Clean

Cleaning carpet properly involves several components, including regular vacuuming, shampooing, and potentially professional cleaning every so often.

Other flooring options, like laminate or luxury vinyl tile, are easier to clean. If you spill water or juice, cleaning is a quick wipe-up versus having to shampoo a carpet. Maintenance can also be a simple sweep-up or vacuum. The owner’s manual will include the right cleaning method for your flooring.  

Smooth Flooring Options Prevent Dander and Dirt From Getting Trapped

Do you have an asthmatic person or a pet in the house? Non-carpet options limit the dander and pet hair in the home, making breathing easier. Dander and pet hair often get stuck in carpet fibers—even after cleaning the carpet—increasing the number of allergens that can be breathed in.

Other flooring options don’t offer a place for allergens to get trapped. The allergens disappear when you clean, creating a better environment for those with asthma and allergies.  

Other Flooring Options Are More Durable

Carpet needs to be replaced more often than other flooring options to maintain its original texture and durability. Carpet also shows traffic patterns more easily, which can impact the overall look of the room.  

Other flooring options can last much longer. Luxury vinyl plank, engineered hardwood, and even laminate can withstand heavy traffic. If you have kids running in and out of the house all day, these options will endure better.

Landmark Interiors’ flooring products also have protective layers, which help prevent scratches caused by pets or dropped plates. These layers can be scratch resistant or water resistant, ensuring your flooring holds up to day-to-day activities.

Other Flooring Options Give You More Opportunity To Express Your Personal Style

Tile options, hardwood flooring, and laminate allow you to decide how you want your flooring to look. You can opt for fun geometric patterns for your living room or go with a timeless choice like hardwood, which can mix and match the styles in your home for many years to come.

Do you want to create soft flooring spots throughout your home? Add a rug! This can offer an excellent splash of color and a softer place for children to learn to walk.

Timeless Flooring Options Mean You Keep Up With Modern Trends

Trends change. Most people don’t want to change the flooring in their homes to keep up though. With options like engineered hardwood, you can select long-lasting neutral-colored flooring that works with any style. Not only that, but homes with hardwood floors tend to look more modern and sell for more than those with carpet.

Landmark Interiors’ luxury vinyl tile or plank flooring also offers neutral options, with realistic wood patterns. Achieve a similar timeless look, with more water resistance and scratch durability.

Visit Your Local Landmark Interiors Flooring Retailer

Do you want to explore all the non-carpet options available in the Landmark Interiors line of flooring products? Your local Landmark Interiors flooring retailer can help you view your options, thanks to our flooring visualizer.

Contact or visit your closest Landmark Interiors retailer today.

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