Main streets are the lifeblood of small towns and local communities. When you picture a main street, a certain image likely comes to mind – a street lined with small businesses that are often bustling on weekends and around the holidays. Main street businesses are an important part of local economies and generate a ton of revenue across the United States.

Virtually every business on every main street needs flooring as part of its indoor decor. Fishman Flooring Solutions, a distributor of Landmark Interiors flooring products, believes these businesses present an opportunity for flooring retailers to increase their revenue streams.

Defining Main Street Businesses

While most people know what a business located on main street looks like, how are they defined? Main street businesses are typically small, independent establishments with under 10,000 square feet of commercial space.

Main street businesses can be quite diverse. They can range from preschools to restaurants and retail spaces to healthcare facilities, such as doctor’s offices. While they have their own unique needs, main street businesses share one thing in common: the right flooring can help them thrive.

Marketing Flooring to Main Street Businesses

Marketing doesn’t have to be about a well-placed ad on television or in a newspaper. Sometimes it begins with personal connections. Flooring retailers looking to grow their revenue streams with main street businessesshould start with those businesses they already patronize. This makes it easy to build relationships with the business owner and support the community simultaneously.

When it comes time for a sales pitch, flooring retailers should identify a need flooring can help address. For example, an eco-conscious owner of a child-care center may have high value for Landmark Interiors recycled rubber flooring. It’s easy to clean and made for high foot traffic.

When approaching a main street business with flooring options, it helps to have some product samples and easy-to-use tools to help the owner see how new flooring can make a difference for her or his business. These tools include:

  • Flooring samples
  • Look books
  • Flooring visualizer, which is an online tool to help prospective customers envision how Landmark Interiors products will enhance the specific indoor spaces where they will be used.

Since main street businesses are often small, sales conversations will likely happen one-on-one. While chatting, showing flooring samples can help paint a picture of the look of new flooring for the business owner. The Landmark Interiors’ flooring visualizer can even help main street business owners get a virtual look at how flooring will enhance the spaces where it will be used.

Flooring Products That Are Gaining Traction Among Main Street Businesses

Offering on-trend and budget-friendly flooring options helps sell main-street business owners on flooring. Currently, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) are experiencing a surge in popularity, representing one-third of the entire flooring market. Why? Because they are durable, easy to maintain, and look great.

Landmark Interior’s LVT and LVP offer a realistic feel and pleasing patterns. Main street business owners can opt for LVT/LVP that looks like wood and warms the business’s ambiance or an LVT/LVP that’s cool and neutral, depending on what looks best with product displays or existing decor.

Reach Out to Main Street Businesses with Fishman Landmark Interiors Products

Flooring retailers can increase their revenue streams by marketing Landmark Interiors products to small town, main street businesses.  Whether it’s a new business planning an opening or a long-time favorite that needs an upgrade, there is a Landmark Interiors product to fit every main street business need.

Contact Fishman Flooring Solutions to become a retailer of Landmark Interiors products today.

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