How Your Flooring Makes a First Impression

When a guest or even a potential homebuyer enters your home, one of the first things they’ll notice is the floors. What kind of first impression are the floors in your home making?

With Landmark Interiors flooring products , you can craft your space and create an environment that you and your guests will love. Below, we’ll cover some of the reasons why your floors can make an impact.

Your Floors Define Your Space

Your flooring sets the tone for the rest of the room. Think about the kind of stage you want to set whenever someone enters a room or walks through your front door into your foyer. Not only will setting the right tone impress your guests, but it can also help to grab the attention of potential buyers when you eventually decide to sell. Explore our look book  to learn more about the different benefits of our premium flooring products.

Set the Right Tone

Do you want visitors to experience the timelessness and elegance of engineered hardwood? Or maybe you need a floor like luxury vinyl tyle and plank (LVT/LVP) that’s durable yet classic, and up to the challenge of a well-used area of your home.

contemporary wood Flooring

When you visit your local Landmark Interiors dealer, you can discuss what kind of ambiance you envision for the room you’re renovating or looking to create in a new space. They can help you pick a product that’ll make the room shine. For instance, Landmark Interiors’ Hilltop Essential LVT  evokes the feeling for a warm and homey cabin in Winter.

Several of our floors are moisture resistant or come with an anti-scratch coating, so they’ll continue to look brand-new over time, even with plenty of foot traffic.

Complete the Look With Matching Trim and Stair Nosing Products

Join your floors with accessories that give your home that polished look. Many of our products have matching and coordinated trims, outlined in our look book. Stair nosing products from Landmark Interiors seamlessly blend in with your floor while saving time you’d otherwise spend tracking down matching products from a third-party seller.  

Flooring Can Make Small Spaces Appear Bigger

While you can’t often change the physical size of a room, the right details can change how big or small a room feels. For example, a smaller space can look larger when using wider planks or larger tiles. Many of our collections have several unique colors with texture and color variations so that you can create the right visual for the space.

You can also use brighter-colored flooring to expand the perceived openness of a room. Combine that with plenty of natural light, and even small rooms can appear incredibly spacious. Even better, many of our Landmark Interiors products are fade resistant, so they won’t dull over time from sun exposure.

Make a Great First Impression With Premium Flooring From Landmark Interiors

Want to experiment with different flooring options in your space to see what kind of first impression they make? Use the Landmark Interiors Floor Visualizer. This tool allows you to virtually add various flooring options to your room with a real-time preview.

If you like what you see, find your nearest Landmark Interiors retailer to learn how you can install premium engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl tiles, and more in your home!

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