When homeowners begin shopping for flooring, like premium Landmark Interiors products, it can help to learn all about the current trends in interior design. What’s “in” can depend upon the latest trend. So, what’s all the rage this year? Check out these top flooring trends of 2023!

Water-Resistant Laminate

Water-resistant laminate has increased in popularity in 2023. New innovations in this flooring style have improved to resist water while also introducing on-trend styles, colors, and patterns.

Many homeowners are gravitating toward these options for easier cleanup in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as elsewhere in the house. Water-resistant laminate, like the Tidewater or Sawgrass collections from Landmark Interiors, shares a lot of the same benefits as the popular luxury vinyl tile and plank. That includes qualities like durability, affordability, and realistic wood patterning.

Large Format Tiles

Tile flooring has been a popular option for kitchens and bathrooms for many years. Tile comes in many sizes and colors, giving homeowners a way to express themselves in all rooms of the house.

In 2023, many homeowners are choosing to go for larger tiles. Larger tiles can make a room feel bigger. With styles including marble and natural stone, they’ll give any room the luxurious feeling of a 5-star hotel or a world-class museum. They’re also easier to clean because there are fewer grout lines.

Landmark Interiors’ luxury vinyl tile is a great way to get a style of tile you love, including stone-like colors and patterns.

Do you want wide plank flooring? Landmark Interiors’ products come in wider planks—up to six inches—for a similar illusion of a larger space, that you would get with larger tiles.

Natural Colors Are on Their Way Back

While neutral grays have become popular over the last several years, many consumers now opt for natural colors. Browns, like those often found in hardwoods, while always timeless, are now gaining popularity again.

Many homeowners enjoy light brown color options that pair well with minimalist home décor and add to a calming environment. These hues are especially popular in Japandi style design aesthetics.

Homeowners can achieve these soft wood tones through engineered hardwood and even luxury vinyl tile/planks or laminate. Landmark Interiors products offer realistic wood patterns, colors, and textures across its LVT and laminate options. Check out the City of Oaks or Country Oaks collections if you want soft wood tones in engineered hardwood.

Patterning Created During Installation

A popular trend with many flooring options is to create a pattern during installation. Popular patterning options in 2023 include:

  • Herringbone
  • Chevron
  • Center Bevel

Herringbone is commonly done with hardwood, although it can also be done with laminate or luxury vinyl plank. The pattern is created by laying smaller rectangular flooring planks in a design that looks like the skeletal structure of the herring fish.

A chevron design, on the surface, is quite similar to herringbone. The ends of the planks that make up chevron flooring are cut at an angle for the inverted V pattern, which give a more structured look.

Center bevel flooring can highlight the textures and patterns in your flooring. The side of each plank and the end joints are finished. This is a style typically used with hardwood or engineered hardwood.   

Explore Landmark Interiors On-Trend Flooring Products for Your Home Today

There is a lot to love about the 2023 flooring trends. If you’re feeling inspired for your home’s build or renovation, check out all your options at the nearest Landmark Interiors retailer.

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