When a family renovates their home, an important part of the process will be the flooring they choose. As a contractor, you’ll be there to provide installation and guidance on which flooring options may be right for their particular situation.

Allergies and asthma are common. Finding flooring options that do not contribute to allergen exposure is a high priority for many families. Fishman Flooring Solutions, a distributor of Landmark Interiors products, can work with you to provide safe flooring options that look great and minimize asthma and allergy symptoms in children.

What Makes Flooring Kid Safe and Allergy Friendly?

Generally, the easier a floor is to clean, the better it’ll be for families with allergies or asthma. These flooring options include engineered hardwood and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP). The protective wear layer on top makes it difficult for dust, dander, fur, or other allergens to accumulate.

Allergy-friendly installation

Engineered hardwood and luxury vinyl tile and plank offer several installation methods. While some methods include glue, a potential allergy trigger, many Landmark Interiors’ flooring products also offer allergy-friendly, no-glue installation methods, including float and staple options. You can learn more about the installation methods for our various products in our Look Book.

Water-resistant flooring

Water-resistant flooring can also help prevent allergens. Moisture-prone areas, like kitchens and bathrooms, are at risk for mold, a common allergen. Moisture-resistant flooring can prevent mold from growing underneath the flooring. Many water-resistant flooring options, including some Landmark Interiors products, also undergo anti-microbial treatment works to fight mold growth.

What about carpet?

While carpet is soft and often a go-to for many homes with children, it is not a good option for families with allergies or asthma.

Carpet can trap dirt as well as other allergens, like dust or hair. While you can clean the carpet often to reduce the effects, it is difficult to entirely remove all allergens from carpeting.

Use Flooring That Promotes Healthy Indoor Air

One of the best things you can do for your clients is to recommend flooring that promotes healthy indoor air for them and their children. Eco-friendly and allergy-friendly flooring often comes with various certifications that indicate this.

Greenguard certified

Many Landmark Interiors flooring products have earned a Greenguard certification, including the Hilltop Original collection. Flooring that has earned Greenguard certification meets the EPA and Washington State’s indoor air requirements for low chemical and product emissions (volatile organic compounds).

Low emissions mean cleaner air and fewer asthma and allergy symptoms. Greenguard certified flooring is also eco-friendly!

CARB2 compliance

Landmark Interiors’ engineered hardwood is also CARB2 compliant. CARB2 creates a standard for formaldehyde emissions—a common asthma trigger—from composite wood products. A flooring product that is CARB2 compliant adheres to these regulations and minimizes the formaldehyde emissions from the flooring.

Offer Flooring That’s Safe for Children With Allergies

As a contractor, you are responsible for communicating the best flooring options to your clients, including those safe for asthmatic children. When combined with regular cleaning and even a home air purifier, your clients can minimize the presence of allergens in their home.

Contact Fishman Flooring Solutions today to learn more about our kid-safe and allergy-friendly flooring options from Landmark Interiors.

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