When considering flooring for your home, cleaning and maintenance are important factors. An easy-to-clean floor should fit into your lifestyle and ease your busy schedule, whether it’s walking your dog before your next meeting or making dinner for the kids.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring from Landmark Interiors is built to handle high-traffic areas while still being easy to maintain. Below, we’ve covered five key tips for keeping the LVT in your home clean and looking great.

As always, refer to your flooring manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance recommendations first.

How to Clean Engineered Hardwood

1.Use doormats to stop dirt in its tracks

When we’re out and about, our shoes collect dirt, gravel, grime, and fibers from where we’ve been. Keeping this out of your home helps maintain clean floors. Doormats can help by catching any dirt or debris you may be bringing inside with you. When selecting your doormats, avoid options with rubber, latex, or vinyl backs, which can damage your floor. Choose a cloth or polyurethane mat instead to avoid wear and tear.

2.Vacuum or sweep regularly

Sweeping or vacuuming regularly helps avoid a build-up of dirt and other debris. Many vacuums have floor and carpet settings, so be sure to check which setting your vacuum is on before beginning.

3.Spot clean LVT flooring when needed

Spills happen, especially if you have young kids or pets. When they do, try to clean up promptly. Wipe up the spill right away and clean off the remaining residue. The longer a spill sits, the more chance it has of staining. Fortunately, many LVT flooring products from Landmark Interiors are stain resistant. Still, you don’t want to let any spills sit.

A floor cleaner might be required to remove residue. Check the manufacturer specifications for the cleaning products recommended for your LVT flooring.

4.Mop your LVT for the occasional deep clean

If you decide to mop your LVT flooring, only use a small amount of water. You want it to dry quickly, not sit on the floors. When selecting a cleaner, check that it is safe on luxury vinyl tile flooring. Note that many manufacturers advise against using water or any liquid on LVT flooring. Refer to your manufacturer’s recommendations before using water to clean your floors.

Generally, you’ll want to avoid abrasive scrubbers. These can cause scratches. Choose something softer, like a slightly damp mop. Softer cleaners and detergents prevent scratching or discoloration if you spot a dried-on stain.

Contact your local Landmark Interiors retailer for recommendations.

5.Prevent scratches and discoloration on LVT

While LVT flooring is quite durable, the occasional scratch can happen. There are a few ways to prevent scratches and discoloration from happening on your floors:

  • Pick up/remove larger debris
  • Add felt pads to furniture and under carpets
  • Close your curtains to avoid fading from the sun

Removing larger debris like gravel or rocks when you see it means it won’t be tracked further into the house or dragged along the floor, creating a scratch.

When you have to move furniture, try to pick it up rather than dragging it. Adding felt pads to the bottoms of chairs or commonly moved items prevents scratching when they’re used.

Some LVT products from Landmark Interiors are fade resistant. However, nothing can be completely fade-proof. If your home gets a lot of natural light, consider closing the curtains to prevent your flooring from becoming discolored from the sun over time.

Contact Your Local Retailer to Ask About LVT

The ease of cleaning luxury vinyl tile flooring makes it an ideal choice for homeowners. If you’re ready to find the right flooring for your home, contact your local Landmark Interiors retailer. You can choose from our on-trend, economical LVT flooring options, which are GREENGUARD and FloorScore® Certified.

Explore Landmark Interiors LVT flooring today!

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